Business Development and International Liaison

Regardless of the industry or region, we love doing our homework. While most research can be completed using a variety of resources online, it is essential to contact resources with access to academic and government sites in other countries to gather more up to date and precise information when targeting certain industries. We at XoQo strive in maintaining relationships with internationals to exchange information when requiring assistance with a more in depth analysis per client needs.



Planning anything in business prevents operational breakdowns within one’s control.  We can help you prepare your future!


Once a plan is created, we must research your intended market, clientele, and industry to determine what the optimal solutions await your company.


Wireframes, creative marketing, and strategic presentations are a basis for investors and vendors to communicate intentions and create a clear channel of communication between all parties.


We introduce qualified buyers and sellers, and always verify their credentials!


Once we find your potential buyer or seller, we will present those options to you and provide any expertise beyond the deal itself

Sample Work

Your name. That is how we remember you. What concerns XoQo most is building a foundation with each individual and company we have the pleasure of doing business with. For every deal,we guarantee to deliver from beginning to end and beyond. As native Arabs and Germans, we can reach out to Middle East or German speaking countries for research and international opportunities. We have completed multiple marketing research consultations for Detroit and Michigan firms, along with brand research for several companies in Cologne, Germany. Depending on your industry or research needs, we can find the right research consultant to professionally asses your goals and achieve them together.